Our Pipeline

Our comprehensive project pipeline relies on long and fruitful partnerships with Universities and Research Institutions to bring the most innovative therapies and treatments straight to the people who need them.

Starting from the initial identification of projects, we then select the most scientifically validated candidates to join our research and development teams. As the process continues, we manage and oversee each pre-clinical, formulation, and early clinical phase. We then seek out the most appropriate partnerships with Pharma and Biotech companies to complete development and commercialise the product.

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SAhRMs - NPD-0614 (NCE)

Oligonucleotides Platform

Oligonucleotides-based therapeutics, drugs designed on the basis of DNA/RNA sequence information, allow specific modulation of disease-associated protein expression, including targets once considered un-druggable. Within this platform, Nogra Pharma focuses on the design, identification and development of oligonucleotides capable of down-regulating the expression of target proteins for the treatment of Immune-Inflammatory-Mediated Diseases.

AhR Platform

Studies indicate that AhR is an important regulator of the skin & mucosal barrier function, controlling immune- mediated skin and mucosal responses. It’s involved in inflammatory skin diseases, such as Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis, mucosal diseases, such as Ulcerative Colitis, giving this platform a high therapeutic potential.

SPPARM Platform

Providing a key role in organ homeostasis and regulating inflammation and fibrosis, SPPARM has therapeutic potential in a range of inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.

Learn How to Build a Project with Nogra

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