Our mission is to provide patients with safe and effective solutions for Immune-Inflammatory-Mediated Diseases

Nogra Pharma is a Pharmaceutical and Research & Development Company

We Look For Potential

We identify innovative projects that are of therapeutic potential in Immune-Inflammatory-Mediated Diseases through our extensive network of academic partnerships.

We Provide Management & Oversight

We manage each step of a project, from target identification to proof-of-concept clinical studies

We establish fruitful Partnerships

  • We establish long and fruitful R&D partnerships both with Universities & Research Institutes to source innovative targets and with Pharma/Biotech companies for the completion of the development process and commercialisation.
  • We use outsourcing as a strategic tool in R&D, manufacturing, and distribution while we retain strategic planning and management of CMC, nonclinical, regulatory, and clinical activities, direct interaction with Competent Authorities for R&D plans (FDA, EMA, Local CAs), IP and BD activities.
  • We create ad-hoc, project-specific Teams which include Scientists of Academies and Research Institutes, KOLs, ad hoc Consultants, selected worldwide and having project-specific expertise.

Target ID

Lead ID & Preclinical

Formulation Development

Clinical Phase l

Clinical Phase ll

Clinical Phase lll


We Go From Groundbreaking Research To Innovative Developments

Our pipeline transforms the most innovative immuno-inflammatory projects into pharmaceutical realities.

From the “scientific idea” to the market

Nogra Pharma is available to give comprehensive Project presentations, provide additional Project specific details/confidential information and discuss potential collaborations or out-licensing opportunities with interested companies.