Our Science

Our Science is focused on the Research & Development of new therapeutic agents for Immune-Inflammatory-Mediated Diseases, both design and selection, by utilising our OLIGONUCLEOTIDES, AhR and SPPARM platforms.

Oligonucleotides Platform

Oligonucleotides are short, synthetic, chemically modified chains of nucleotides that have the potential to target any gene product of interest.
Designed to hybridize specific RNA sequences, they allow the modulation of
gene expression through several different mechanisms. In the last few years, dozens of oligonucleotide-based therapeutics have been approved for human use.
Within this platform, Nogra Pharma focuses on the design, identification and development of oligonucleotides capable of down-regulating the expression of target proteins for the treatment of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases.

AhR Platform

AhR is a transcription factor activated by a variety of natural and synthetic ligands, known for its involvement in responses to environmental pollutants (e.g. «dioxin» TCDD). AhR constitutes a major network hub of signalling pathways, connecting the host’s immune cells to environmental stimuli. AhR is gaining increasing interest as a promising therapeutic target in immune-mediated diseases.

SPPARM Platform

Providing a key role in organ homeostasis and regulating inflammation and fibrosis, SPPARM has therapeutic potential in a range of inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.

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